What started as a brief conversation about the challenges of living with Type 1 Diabetes with an acquaintance led to a referral to Brenda at the CRM Blue Group. Brenda was able to analyze my situation quickly and efficiently, and then assist in preparing and submitting my application to CRA. Brenda managed and monitored the whole process from submission through to approval and reassessment/payment – and was committed and professional throughout. And, thanks to Brenda, I now understand my benefits under CRA rules and how I can apply them in future years.

There are many so-called “testimonials” and reviews on the internet for various products and services. Be assured that the testimonials you read on the CRM Blue Group website are real experiences from real people!

I highly recommend Brenda to anyone with T1D… she’s in your corner.


Janet,  I was very pleased to see you get lifetime approval!    Thank you for your nice comments regarding working together.  You and Dave were a pleasure. I hope you enjoy your ‘windfall’.  

Janet and Dave, 60's Brantford
I am so thankful for the lifetime DTC approval!  Thanks so very much again
for your great work making that a reality and for being such an awesome
and fun person to work with on it.  I never ever could have imagined
someone could make me laugh so much while going through this sort of
paperwork!  You found ALL the dollars under rocks at CRA with my name
on them  :-)
Carolyn,  I’m really glad you got lifetime approval!   You were such
a pleasure to work with.  I remember all the laughing too especially
about the Negril Beach story!!!!  



Carolyn, 52 years Ottawa
I am so grateful I was referred to Brenda by a work colleague of mine. I worked with her 5 years ago when my daughter was a juvenile Type 1.  Jessica turned 18 this year and had to reapply as an ‘adult’.  We came back to Brenda for the renewal process. Jessica was approved again and this time it was for life!!!!!
I give Brenda 5 stars!  She is an amazing, hard-working person and extremely friendly and helpful.  She is always there to answer any questions you have. I highly recommend Brenda.
Brenda always asks for the ‘fun things’.  My daughter Jessica got a puppy and recently bought a car with some of the money.  The rest will be used for University. We will be forever grateful to Brenda for what she has done for us.
Brenda, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into both of Jessica’s Disability Tax Credit applications. You kept me 100% informed on all of the CRA’s progress.  Brenda, you are wonderful!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!
Jennifer,  I remember what a dedicated Mom you were when Jessica was young and you were doing it on your own.  She has thrived under your care.  18 years old, driving and off to university!!  I am looking forward to seeing the pictures of Mickey the pup :-)))


Jessica, 18 yrs. old and her mother Jennifer North York

I am so grateful for the services provided to me by CRM Blue Group, specifically Brenda McCormick! She was recommended to me by my Diabetic Clinic. In the past, I was told that I would not be eligible for the Disability Tax Credit and wouldn’t qualify. I didn’t have much hope.  I was diagnosed in 2015 as a Type 1 Diabetic, Brenda helped me through the entire lengthy process and she sure knows what she is doing!   Brenda is a true go-getter and never stopped fighting for me.  She followed up with CRA until I was approved. It was a pleasure working with Brenda but because of COVID,  it was not possible to do it in person! We did this via email and phone calls.  I felt ‘heard’ during this process with Brenda who was always reassuring and supportive.  I cannot say enough about Brenda! I highly recommend CRM Blue Group! My family and I plan on a dinner out and one day soon, I hope to get away with my husband who has been my rock and putting up with me since I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Thanks again Brenda for all your help.  You are truly amazing!!!


Anita,  I am happy that Southlake Hospital sent you my way especially when you were being told you would not qualify for the credit.  They know my track record :-)))  What a great ‘fun thing’ you have planned with your husband!  In the meantime,  enjoy that dinner out with your family.




Anita, 59 yrs. old Aurora
View of the Inner Harbour in downtown Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

I am extremely busy with work and applying for the DTC seemed like another thing to do on top of everything else we have to do as a diabetic.  Brenda came HIGHLY recommended and to be honest was a godsend. The process was tough yet she made it so easy. All I had to do was provide her an hour or so of my time. She was very on top of it and did check-ins to ensure everything could be submitted. Being diagnosed as Type 1 only a few years ago,  things can be quite difficult and frustrating trying to navigate through it all.  Thank you, Brenda, for making my life that little bit easier. I received my payment and put a large chunk into savings but I did treat myself to a few fall clothing items to spruce up the wardrobe.


Karren,  thank you for hanging in there to get the signed paperwork from your doctor.  Once it was sent to the CRA,  the approval was fast and so was the payment of your refunds.  I encourage people to do just one  ‘fun thing’  for themselves with the money.  New clothes….when you look good, you feel good!!!  


Karren, 34 yrs. old Victoria, BC

I looked into the Disability Tax Credit on my own thinking I would be able to get all the information needed.  I quickly realized it’s an impossible task.

Brenda knows the process to ensure a CRA approval.  She has the technical know-how with the Canada Revenue Agency that you, as a regular Joe/Joanne, will not have in order to get approved.

If you’re type 1 and don’t have or even know what the Disability Tax Credit is, call Brenda ASAP!
John,  I am so glad you were referred to me by another successful client.  You were so easy to work with.  Even I was surprised at how quickly you were approved….just 4 weeks! 
I am glad you are taking advantage of the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) that you now have access to because of your DTC approval.  
John Y., 39 yrs. old London
Cambridge 1

I am so grateful for all the work this amazing woman did in processing my application, with absolute success I might add!  Brenda is very knowledgeable, professional, confident, and certainly knows how to get things done.  I enjoyed her sense of humour throughout this process.  

I plan on buying myself a nice sound system, and a shopping spree for new clothes! I could not have done this without her help, and I cannot thank her enough for providing this service.  Brenda, you really are the BEST!

Diane,  you were a pleasure to work so you made my job easy.  I am so glad you were approved for life!   I can see you dancing around in your new clothes while listening to the ‘tunes’.  What…no gourmet dinner for Oliver aka ‘all of  ‘er’  ?????  You have been a wonderful cheerleader spreading the word at the clinic.   It is very much appreciated.  


Diane, 73 yrs. young Cambridge
nunavet 2

Brenda McCormick has successfully secured the DTC for me twice over the last 15 years. The approval this year was for life !! I admire her vast knowledge in dealing with the government. Your DTC application will not be refused when Brenda is in charge of your file. She is wonderful to work with, very professional, accurate, prompt and most of all, considerate in your struggles living as a T1D. I am SO grateful I found this incredible woman. Thank you Brenda! 

Jennifer,  you have always been awesome to work with.  You do such wonderful work as an RN in Nunavut for 6 months of the year.  I have learned so much from you on your Artic adventures.  


Jennifer, 50 yrs. spunky Newmarket and Nunavut