oneonone One on One Consultation

I have had Type 1 diabetes for almost 50 years.  I am very familiar with the day-to-day activities to manage this disease. You can ask me questions via email but we will need to speak one on one.  We can do this over the phone.  The discussion will be easy because we speak the same language of diabetes.  Our conversations are confidential.

My interview process is a ‘guided’ approach. I will ask questions about your diabetes routine to assess if you are eligible to receive the Disability Tax Credit.  Like just about every individual living with T1D,  you will forget about many things. It’s just part of your day.  I will make you think!

documentpreparation Documentation Preparation

      If we decide to move forward with formal documentation, the following will completed:

  • A completed Disability Tax Credit application including detailed documentation supporting your diabetes management routine and the time you spend on it.  Please review New DTC Rules.
  • A step by step instruction letter for you. You will know what you have to do and what to expect.
  • The documentation you require based on your unique situation.

crasubmission Submission to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

      The CRM Blue Group is registered with the CRA to act as a client representative.  I will:

  • Forward the completed DTC application, signed by your medical practitioner,  to the CRA.
  • Request up to 10 years of retroactive income tax adjustments for the person living with T1D.
  • If applicable, request the transfer of unused tax credits to a spouse or caretaker and request up to 10 years of retroactive income tax adjustments for spouse or caretaker.
  • If applicable, apply for the Child Disability Benefit including retroactive adjustments which are based on the age of the minor.
  • Follow your status with the CRA including application approval and subsequent refunds.
  • Update you on the progress of your application.

costs Costs
  • All postage is paid by me.
  • The cost is $175.00  (plus HST).   If your medical practitioner refuses to sign your application or the CRA declines you,  I will refund your documentation fee.  However,  I would like the opportunity to pursue alternative solutions on your behalf but only if you want me to do so.
  • Additional costs may apply if  Tax credit transfers and retroactive tax adjustments are required for a spouse,  Caregiver benefits and Child  Disability  Benefits.   I consider each situation individually.
  • The cost for successfully obtaining retroactive DTC and Caregiver tax refunds and Child Disability Benefits (if applicable)   is 10% of the refund (plus provincial GST or HST).
  • If approved, the CRA typically allows you to claim the tax credit for up to 5  years into the future.  The CRM Blue Group makes no claim on future year credits.